The training and development of the organization’s staff involves effective execution and delivery processes that are bound to ensure that the new employees have the necessary skills to perform. In case of a well delivered training session there are clear-cut goals and possible expectations. Added to this are monitoring and timely feedback processes. This combination of the right processes at the right time, like, teaching, monitoring and coaching the employees paves the foundation for a robust staff. Offering the necessary tools to the employees is necessary. This will enable the employees to do their jobs effectively; they need the access to the right tools and information as well as coaching.

At times certain amount of background information availability such as terms and glossaries, checklists and cheat sheets could also come handy for good-on-the-job tools only if these are developed and crafted in accordance with the SOPs and provided as part of the training module.

After the above steps have been efficiently executed it can be observed and experienced that the effective and training and development of the employees leads to an increased output of high-quality work, improved customer service and greater employee satisfaction as well as retention. It also helps reduce expenditures and add to the savings by eliminating unnecessary repetitive work and reducing the exposure to risk through inaccuracy. We have already learnt that people are greatest source for any company to flourish and a very significant element in creating a robust operations base. It is for this particular reason that calls upon the need for investing in the training and development of the companies own employees and helping the immediate clients with training their staff and workforce right from the placement to the on-boarding process and further beyond, honing their skills.

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