Soon it will be summer again and many students will be looking for ways and means to strengthen their resumes and avail the best work experiences with a summer internship. Hiring an intern or considering starting an internship program can be a useful step in the long run.

In the short run however, interns could be a good way to fill the gaps when the staff takes a vacation or when there is an unexpected surge in the workload. There can be situations where one has to move a book of business from one carrier to the other or looking forward to undertake some marketing campaigns in the fall summer that would require some research into the current database systems. If they work well and fit in the gaps perfectly then the interns can be considered good enough to fill the talent gaps permanently and enable the agency to develop.

Apart from growth and development, there are various other significant reasons as to why considering an intern can be an optimal step for an agency. These are as follows:

  • Low risk probationary period
  • Managers get valuable training on handling millenials
  • Availabity of a fresh perspective, generation of new and creative ideas.
  • Mutual learning experience for the senior employees and the current trainees.

Internship is a low cost talent exploration venture where in an intern could be trained even for free and analyze the capacity of the candidate for a potentially long-term permanent relationship with the firm. In addition to the former it also helps to observe the candidate whether the candidate for intern is a cultural fit for the organization without having to invest time and money in the hiring and training for filling positions.

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