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The Impact of Employee Recognition and Criticism.

The Impact of Employee Recognition and Criticism. Employee recognition is a powerful strategy for any organization and hence it is imperative for any organization who wishes to grow and expand its business and enhance profitability to keep focused on its employees. This mutual relationship bears a long-term influence on the ...
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How prepared is your Insurance organization for Disaster Management

How prepared is your Insurance organization for Disaster Management Insurance organizations should not only focus on business process transformation but also operational performance and optimization. Often at times massive destructions due to epic hurricanes are reported to cause huge losses to not just lives and property but also creating an ...
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Resourcing Your Operations Management Experts

Resourcing Your Operations Management Experts There surely are many experts in the operations management that hold the appropriate title tag to offer enormous profit to the organization. However, it is realized that organizations could be better served by exploring the practices of Lean management systems throughout the length and breadth ...
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Steps for Strong and Sustainable Talent Strategy

Steps for Strong and Sustainable Talent Strategy In order to develop a strong and sustainable talent strategy in an extremely challenging business environment, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of price and skilled workforce. There are basically five areas where the insurance firm can analyze well in advance to ...
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Analyzing Employee Turnover Expenditure in Insurance Organization

Over twenty years insurance services and its evoluting history that has offered clients support by identifying their requirements and aligning suitable solutions for obtaining the business objectives. Insurance services have come a long way especially in terms of insurance process outsourcing services. The insurance process outsourcing business is always prone ...
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Trending technology in the Insurance process Outsourcing service arena

Technology is one of the most pressing needs of present times and as in all other industries, the IPO is dependent a great deal on the latest trends that technology has to offer. Experts’ opinion on the issue stands highly varied in thought and perception as they provide their own ...
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Failure Management in Insurance Process Outsourcing services.

When working together in a collaboration to assist clients in growing and establishing their businesses and increasing the profitability, it is extremely important to learn the failure management process. This is essential to maintain a clear lead and a long record of accomplishment of successful endeavors. In many situations where ...
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Sales and Operations Alignment for Your Insurance Organization

In the insurance industry, it is a tad bit difficult initially to get everyone onto the same page and make things work out for everyone. This is a really crucial stage and until that point is reached, the organization has to chalk out meaningful solutions to make both ends meet ...
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Role of Operational Excellence in Insurance Management

In the earlier days, the need of insurance organizations was to fill a gap in staffing and solve the backlogs or to take on the tasks that no one else wanted to fulfill. These services were provided by insurance process outsourcing service providers at a substantial savings to the company ...
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