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All the Right Reasons for Conducting Summer Internships at Your Agency

Soon it will be summer again and many students will be looking for ways and means to strengthen their resumes and avail the best work experiences with a summer internship. Hiring an intern or considering starting an internship program can be a useful step in the long run. In the ...
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Ways to Enhance Employee Contribution

Employees are an integral component of an organization and are one of the major drivers of change. The employees of an organization are responsible for both the rise and decline of an organization. They are the major drivers of change in the way an organization operates. The caliber and efficiency ...
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Customizing Your Insurance Project Management

Project management is one such virtue that has been readily accepted and applauded by enterprises across all verticals. It has become one of the most potent tools of business houses and its claim to fame has been its power to control and enhance the project outcome. The reason behind it ...
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Origin and Evolution of Insurance Industry Outsourcing

The development and progress of the insurance outsourcing industry requires a deeper understanding and knowledge of the origin and evolution of the insurance industry. As such, it is essential to know the early economic principles that laid the foundation for the modern automated insurance process outsourcing services. One can trace ...
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Multi-Dimensional Insurance Outsourcing Solutions

Insurance industry outsourcing has been in existence for quite some time now and has evolved in terms of technological and process evolutions. Over the years, it has developed into a recognizable form of relevant business solutions for most independent brokers, carriers and insurance firms. Although at the budding stage outsourcing ...
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Segmentation and Its Significance in the Insurance Organization

Segmentation is very crucial for insurance organizations. The main aim here is to balance the service one offers with profitability. By observing and analyzing the present service models and the current customers of the organization as well as revenue by account, one can easily help identify the most and the ...
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Inaccuracy Impact on Insurance Services

We realize the impact good quality has on a businesses and brands. It can give the liberty to command premium-pricing structures for the product and is a powerful driver for the consumer loyalty and development. In the insurance business precisely, quality is expected as a necessity. Because of this reason, ...
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Working On Your Insurance Industry Analytics to Drive Business Transformation

Navigating the world of P&C insurance and its distribution channels often requires a highly complex yet fragmented web of partnerships. One of the major reasons for this confusion is the mess of networks that connects the brokers with the risk bearing appetite within the distribution channels. Unfortunately, too many brokers ...
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Gearing the Insurance Workforce for Greater Productivity

Talent development for your insurance workforce begins with investing in additional skills for the workforce. No matter which industry one operates in, odds are that the workforce can benefit maximum from the additional training provided because nobody is perfect but one can hone their skills to perform better. One may ...
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