Outsourcing Services

Insuserve is one of the world’s optimal providers of

insurance business process outsourcing services

and understands the call for seizing the apt developmental opportunities with the focus on support growth initiatives and modernization and promptly initiates new services with the most advanced technology. The employees at Insuserve are dedicated to delivering P&C Insurance outsourcing services to a large number life, property and casualty Insurance companies. Insuserve extends support to these companies with a good integer of highly developed insurance software in the market and a worldwide connected network of outsourcing centers. Insuserve’s property and casualty business process services are built on the expertise of hands on experience. Insuserve’s seasoned professionals and automated processes ensure proven insurance systems support to our services for the P&C segment which enables the processing of great volumes of transactions without escalating the costs or compromising on the service quality.

At Insuserve our services are moduled to offer a comprehensive package for the fulfilment of the organizational drive and hence targets both the central and the anterior services which are non critical in nature in order to ensure an influx of seamless workflow that leverages technological investments and effectively keeps the operational expenditure to the minimum.

Insuserve P&C focal point:

Insuserve’s obtainable infrastructure, ease of accessibility and team’s years of insurance knowledge can get a carrier to market swiftly and make available the assets to allow them to develop and center on their core business of beginning new insurance products, running underwriting risk and be on the lookout for new business prospects. Insuserve provides a full range of services that P&C companies can customize to their unique business strategies. Insurers can outsource IT and application management, or they can back up on Insuserve to set up and operate a virtual insurance company with Insuserve’s exceptional full back-office services. Many insurers choose to implement their own blend of outsourcing services to suit their trade.

P&C insurers mold Insuserve’s BPO services to convene their business objectives of:

  • Opening a new company
  • Entering a fresh market
  • Launching a new product
  • Consolidating systems via mergers and acquisitions.

Our P&C outsourcing services comprises of:

  • Policy, billing and claims inquest.
  • Citation, rating, binds issue
  • Underwriting at point of sale
  • First Notice of Loss
  • Bringing in line with agency systems
  • Electronic document allocation
  • Payment and Billing options

Consumer services

  • Underwriting and Underwriting Support
  • First Notice of Loss

Back office

  • Data Entry
  • Imaging
  • Printing and Distribution
  • Pricing, Regulating and Form Compliance
  • Bureau Reporting
  • Premium Audit Processing
  • Accounting Services
  • 3rd Party Assimilation

IT and application Management

  • Application Management
  • Performance Management
  • Association Management
  • Protection Management
  • Service Stages
  • Account Management
  • Task Management

With Insuserve you can explore innovative ways to support your company’s expansion schema and rapidly introduce new services and techniques. Bond with us and observe how Insuserve’s services can provide a low-risk advance to reform your operations and achieve your goals.

For more information on Insuserve’s BPO services for property and casualty companies, call 501 205 1546 or send an e-mail to info@insuserve.com

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