For any manager it is a constant priority as well as a challenge to keep their employees focused. One of the most efficient ways that managers keep their employees motivated is by making use of the effective goal setting techniques’. This implies that when the employees are directed towards something specific to achieve be it the end result or outcome of a project or a promotion, hike or raise they tend to put in the extra effort or try to drive the extra mile than their monotonous routine output.

One of the best ways to achieve this spontaneity is by introducing small changes within the office setting and also adhere to the managerial practices i.e., changes that can help keep the employees goal oriented and outcome –focused on the future.

Many companies and organizations rely on conducting meetings with the individual employees and the managers. This could be bi-monthly or scheduled every six months. Some even perform these once a year or less often upon the degree of requirement. However, the main reason behind conducting these meetings every month is to keep the employees from feeling self-satisfied in their work. As an employee for an organization for a very long time, it is but easy to settle in a groove and allow the motivation to falter. Nonetheless, if the managers carry out these meetings and utilize them to the best of their abilities to help stress on the importance of the employee assignments and how they may benefit from their success it will be more than enough to get the team performing better than before. By helping the employees see and seek what they can gain by putting efforts, they can be influenced to set up their own goals and that eventually will help enhance the efficacy and productivity of the organization overall.

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