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Best Insurance Industry Practices for Connecting With the Millennial Buyers – II

Earlier on, we had discussed how millennials are the new face of the future. Learning about their behavioral patterns can give a look into their unique values and expectations of service standards. One of the most prominent characteristic of millenials apart from those discussed before is their tendency to stay ...
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Finding excellent solutions for insurance operation issues – I

Sometimes it so happens that our solution just turns into another problem, especially when one is finding a good solution and becomes fond of it. This could be a cue to improvising the operations process in a more defined and strategic manner. Solutions in any case can be termed as ...
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Top Five Tips To Foster Insurance Outsourcing Productivity

Enhancing workplace productivity is an infinite challenge. Even with greater success levels, it is always a need to stay on top of the ladder with maximum improvements. As such, to stay ahead in the race, it is beneficial to pay heed to words of the wise men and leaders of ...
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Six Distinguishing Traits of a Peak Performer in Your Insurance Team

How often do we evaluate an employee whether he/she is performing their best or have yet reached their full potential? Most employees either give up or are subject to burn out even before they reach their peak, making them dissatisfied and costing the firm its bottom lines. There are a ...
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Growth in Demand for Top Insurance Talent

The last couple of years have been abuzz with the news of the insurance industry pressed with the demand of finding new and budding talent in the field as many of the baby boomer category enters into the retirement phase of their career cycle. In fact, according to a recent ...
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Insurance Process Outsourcing- Ten Years from Now Part I

According to a survey of Industry leaders, a look into the future via analytic calculations has been able to give a distinguishable picture of how the insurance industry may operate ten years ahead of now. It is predictable that the industry may become leaner due to constant mergers and acquisitions ...
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Creating Smart Operations Strategy in Insurance Outsourcing

Businesses that learn to adapt to changing times and technology are the true players of the success game. There constant struggle to keep up with the advancement and implanting it to create tremendous opportunities for greater profitability brinks them to the top rung of the ladder. They are also undoubtedly ...
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Considering Research and Development for your IPO Business

Most people in the Insurance world consider outsourcing as aligning low value errands at a lower price. What they do not realize is that the work that is outsourced is in reality a mission critical work; these may include services like tax filing, I.T, legal documentation, marketing and much more ...
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Five Fundamentals of Strong Outsourcing Relationship

When becoming a part of an outsourcing relationship or a bond, it is a long-term involvement, as one needs to perform as a team. As such, many practices need to be followed to make this relationship work smoothly. As time goes on, the requirements and expectations keep evolving however keeping ...
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