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About Us

About Insuserve-1

The Insuserve-1 Viewpoint

Insuserve-1 is set up on the foundation of the three strategic A’s delivering Agile;Accurate;ArticulateInsurance BPO services.

We are committed to providing the maximum value to our clients. Over the years, we have grown with our dedicated efforts and perseverance, continuously pushing the boundaries ahead of us and focusing on the goals to accomplish unparalleled success for our clients. We take pride in offering services that are on par with client expectations and hold accountable for superior quality results. As a result, over the decades, we have attained significant milestones, which have expanded our reach and helped diversify our service offerings.

Insuserve-1’s Service Excellence and Value Proposition

Insuserve-1 is more than just an Insurance back office service provider, as we can deliver services of any dimension and complexity to companies ranging from start-ups to multi-level enterprises. We understand each client is unique, so we offer customized solutions for business-specific needs. We’re not just providing services but building and establishing long-term partnerships with our clients. Our expertise lies in amalgamating our business domain knowledge with our proven technological competence. We help design, optimize and transform business processes, client interactions, technical support assistance, and back-office support services. We consider your goal as our goal and enhance the business productivity to provide you with a competitive edge over the others. Collaborate with us to witness the best in business process management solutions. We are a listed top company holding the highest levels of transparency and accountability, which makes us a trustworthy business partner.

The Insuserve-1 Quality

At insuserve-1, we are consistently driving quality at all levels. Our quality standard is defined by a 4Q approach: Quality personnel, Quality process, Quality Communications, and Quality monitoring. At Insuserve-1, we assign a dedicated Delivery manager to each client to closely monitor the activities and results for optimum client satisfaction. At our organization, procedures are validated and certified by the International Standards organization to drive the quality framework of our processes. We ensure complete compliance with quality target protocols.

The Insuserve-1 Talent Pool

At Insuserve-1, our resourceful workforce explores new potentials and possibilities with courage and confidence. Our professionals work as a team, ready to take on any challenges and face any hurdles on the transformation journey to becoming global leaders in business management services. We embrace and embark on changing business dynamics to deliver the most flexible and lucrative partnership for our Insurance BPO services, shaping the future of Insurance BPO with our technology. We deliver value to our clients with the help of our extensively knowledgeable talent pool. At Insuserve-1, we take the extra mile every step of the way, setting new standards of client compliance, helping create brand differentiations, and supporting them to outperform each time with our passion-driven services and innovative insights.

The Insuserve-1 Collaboration.

Collaboration with Insuserve-1 assists our clients in achieving remarkable success with passion and innovation. Our ability to support our clients to perform their best is our core mission. It stems from the deep industry expertise of understanding the relevant domains and the prowess of our technical and analytical skills for a comprehensive client-centric collaboration. We collaborate with some of the top companies that testify to our perseverance in collaborating and co-creating success stories.

Join us and experience the difference that seasoned and experienced talent can create to help you manage each aspect of your outsourcing ventures. Seek answers to unanswered questions, validate your claims, visit our centers, and learn about the advantages of working with Insuserve-1. Embark on a trip with Insuserve-1, and experience the independence to focus on building your business.