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Outsource Insurance Personal Lines or Commercial Lines – We Do It All

Our dedicated professionals are experienced in processing tasks related to a wide variety of insurance business lines – from BOPs to Boatowners, Commercial Property to Homeowners, and Workers Compensation to Personal Auto. Whether you have processing needs in your Commercial Lines or Personal Lines Department, we are ready to assist ...
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Boost Productivity, Cut Costs, and Increase Growth with Insurance Process Outsourcing and EZLynx

In a March 23, 2020 article, Insurance Journal reported that Account Managers spend roughly half their time on paperwork and computer input. An Agency Management System (AMS) such as EZLynx can assist by streamlining many processes. Operational efficiencies can be created by utilizing the concept of staff stratification – delegating ...
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Applied Epic and Insurance Process Outsourcing – Tools for Powering Agency Growth

As every insurance agent knows, operational tasks can absorb a substantial number of manhours – time that could be better spent communicating with clients, making new connections, and soliciting new business. Relationships are at the core of the insurance industry and focusing on relationship-building helps sustain essential business partnerships, retain ...
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Creating Operational Efficiency with Insurance Process Outsourcing and AMS360

Building relationships is at the core of the insurance industry – relationships with clients, the community, carriers, and affiliate businesses. Focusing on relationship building helps retain existing clients, bring in new business, and sustain important business partnerships. But as every insurance agent knows, operational tasks can absorb a significant amount ...
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Meeting the Challenges Faced by Today’s Insurance Agencies with Insurance Process Outsourcing and QQ Catalyst

One of the biggest challenges facing insurance agencies today is the consumer’s focus on premiums over the value of agency relationships. Not only do agencies have to compete with one another, they must compete with carriers that offer policies direct to consumers online. Agencies that thrive find new ways to ...
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The Impact of Employee Recognition and Criticism.

Employee recognition is a powerful strategy for any organization and hence it is imperative for any organization who wishes to grow and expand its business and enhance profitability to keep focused on its employees. This mutual relationship bears a long-term influence on the success of the business and essential to ...
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How prepared is your Insurance organization for Disaster Management

Insurance organizations should not only focus on business process transformation but also operational performance and optimization. Often at times massive destructions due to epic hurricanes are reported to cause huge losses to not just lives and property but also creating an aftermath of the event. This has also brought to ...
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Resourcing Your Operations Management Experts

There surely are many experts in the operations management that hold the appropriate title tag to offer enormous profit to the organization. However, it is realized that organizations could be better served by exploring the practices of Lean management systems throughout the length and breadth of the business. Right from ...
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Steps for Strong and Sustainable Talent Strategy

In order to develop a strong and sustainable talent strategy in an extremely challenging business environment, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of price and skilled workforce. There are basically five areas where the insurance firm can analyze well in advance to better understand the expenses of unplanned employee ...
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