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Future of Insurance Operations In 2018

Business analysts have predicted that the global insurance business process outsourcing market 2017-2022 will have several development parameters and end user demands. Here are a few changes that will reshape the future of the insurance industry in 2018: Millennials in the workforce will still be a liable presence to lookout ...
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Change Management in Insurance Process Outsourcing

Awareness and growth development are some aspects of change management. However, it is time to train and gear up the employees with the knowledge and ability to make and enforce the changes desired. There are two categories of knowledge and information that an employee requires to know in order to ...
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Enhancing the Insured Experience with Digital Technology

Most companies look forward to engage effectively with their clients and consumers to assist them for simple tasks and queries. The chat bots with a transformative evolution hold the key to better than before customer experience, literally being reborn with the most updated technology add-ons, AI machine learning and automation, ...
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Significance of Segmentation for Insurance Organizations

Segmentation is an important aspect for most insurance organizations. The goal here is to offer balance with the service provided. By evaluating the company’s present service models, existing line of customers and account revenues one can get a brief outlook of the most and the least profitable customers and then ...
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Advantages of Business Process Management in the Insurance Industry

Employ buy – in is the key for most insurance organizations to adopt outsourcing solutions. Employees however feel threatened by the term or concept of outsourcing because that is the way ‘outsourcing’ has evolved in the insurance industry. When a task is delegated to an outsourcing partner it is meant ...
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Challenges Faced By Consumers When Selecting Insurance BPO Service Providers

One of the most common complaints amongst customers is their initial start up point with an insurance outsourcing service provider. Beginning to get accustomed to an insurance outsourcing service is a hard task for many novice players, especially those who have never come across this variant before, also termed as ...
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Influence of Analytics on Insurance Industry

According to a new study report there has been an increased focus of analytics in nearly all the spheres of the insurance industry, however the property-casualty insurers are facing a serious challenge in attaining their analytical goals. Information technology leaders especially the P&C insurers suffer with obsolete data infrastructure that ...
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Tips to Start Own Innovation Programs in the Insurance Industry Sector

Mentioned below are some of the valuable measures one must adopt to help initiate their own innovation programs: Branding Program- Brand the program, creating a unique name, that presents its goals and objectives, ensure that the brand connects with the staff. Establishing Ideas- Establishing an idea or submission processes so ...
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Steps for selecting an Applicant Tracking System

Here are a few steps that can help assist in selecting an applicant tracking system to fit the recruiting needs of an organization: Identifying the requirement and use of ATS- Before selecting a vendor one needs to figure out what problems can be solved best by an ATS and who ...
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