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Our insurance back office specialists are well experienced in processing and issuing insurance certificates with great quality and turnaround time. We also ensure that the certificate of insurance is issued on forms approved by our client’s insurance agency such as ACORD forms.

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Outsource Certificate of Insurance

Millions of certificates of insurance are issued in the US every year and the process can be time consuming, but Insuserve-1 streamlines this process for our clients and frees your internal staff to focus on your clients. Our processors are available 24 hours a day, 5 days a week so we are working even when your office is closed. Quick turnaround time on certificates creates happy customers.

Our Services

Issuing New Certificates of Insurance: Our insurance back office specialists are experienced in processing and issuing insurance certificates quickly and accurately. We are skilled at examining contracts for insurance requirements and evaluating policies to determine if the requirements can be met.

Processing Renewal Certificates: We can simplify the renewal process for your customers by automatically issuing renewal certificates. Automating this process reduces customer service requests to your office and enhances client satisfaction.

Validating Compliance: If you have clients that work with subcontractors, vendors, or have tenants, we can collect certificates of insurance on their behalf. Our processors can review certificates for compliance with your clients’ insurance requirements and alert your account managers or producers if there are issues. Our processors are meticulous and precise, so your clients can be assured that their insurance requirements are being met.

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Outsource Certificate of Insurance

Insuserve 1 provides insurance back office services to Insurance agencies, Brokers, Agents and MGA’s