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Outsource Certificate of Insurance Services at Insuserve-1.

Our Outsourced Certificate of Insurance Services is conceived and designed to remove all complexities in the paperwork and processes of issuance. Get your COI verified by our experienced team of COI experts at Insuserve-1.

Our Insurance back office experts are veterans in processing and issuing insurance certificates with excellent quality and faster processing time. We also ensure that the certificate of Insurance is issued on the forms approved and verified by our client’s insurance agency, like ACORD forms.

The processing and issuing of a Certificate of Insurance (COI) is a time-consuming, repetitive, and rigid procedure for insurance agencies. Each year millions of insurance certificates are issued in the U.S. alone, the processing of which requires tiresome verification of the policyholder’s details, type, and coverage limitations. All this leads to a growing strain on an insurance agency’s back office and customer associates’ processes.

We are a globally reckoned outsourcing services provider of Certificate of Insurance Services. Insuserve-1 has assisted many insurance agencies in speeding up their time-to-market and streamlining resources for the organization. We offer reliable, affordable, and highly professional services. Our COI processing methodologies enhance the speed and efficiency of generating and issuing insurance certificates while improving client service and satisfaction.

Certificate of Insurance Services offered at Insuserve-1

Our trained team of Insurance back office professionals executes all the crucial roles of processing, verifying, and digitally disbursing the Certificate Of Insurance while ensuring complete Compliance and industry specifications. Our specialized team processes ACORD certificates apart from other Insurance certificates. We provide a wide range of COI services:

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Outsource Certificate of Insurance

Insuserve 1 provides insurance back office services to Insurance agencies, Brokers, Agents and MGA’s

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    Our insurance back-office specialists profoundly process and issue Insurance certificates swiftly and precisely. Our professionals are trained extensively to manage and follow up on the requests for COI. Our strict adherence to consistent performance and attention to detail ensures a steady growth in the insurance compliance rates of our customers, reduces their loss exposure, and enhances client gratification. We are skilled in examining the contracts for insurance purposes and their evaluation to determine the goals to be accomplished.

    Outsource Certificate of InsuranceOur insurance professionals are skilled to effectively handle and process all COI requests with services inclusive of transparent channels for prompt communication. Our specialists have a keen eye for the minutest details to ensure that all the certificates of Insurance meet the compliance demands, overall reducing the exposure to loss by considerable lengths.

    Proper management and follow-ups on insurance compliance could be time- and resource-intensive for insurance agencies. For this reason, our specialists at Insuserve-1 are adept with appropriate knowledge and subject matter but are also rigorously trained to handle high work volumes. They keep a track record of all the policies which comply and identify policies that have expired or are non-compliant. This ensures a reduced risk of uninsured claims and instances of breach of contracts.

    Our Insurance back office professionals leverage our insurance certificate management database for tracking all insurance policy renewal requests. We simplify the renewal process for your customers by auto-generating renewal certificates. The automation of this process not only reduces the customer service requests to your office but also increases customer satisfaction.

    We at Insuserve-1 generate exhaustive compliance reports and track every request. We make extra efforts to double-check the accuracy of the certificates from the provider. Our COI outsourcing services are streamlined to perfect the isolated and defunct insurance coverages, specifications, endorsements, and additional insured endorsements contaminated with errors. Our experts strive hard to generate exhaustive compliance reports to help trace the anomalies, track the upcoming certificate expirations, and identify any data incompetency to mitigate the risk of contract violations.

    If you have clients collaborating with subcontractors, vendors, or tenants, we can help process the Certificate of Insurance. Our advanced processors can review certificates for Compliance with your client’s insurance requirements and alert the personnel responsible for the detected issues. Our processors are meticulous and precise, so your clients can rest assured of accomplishing their insurance requirements.