We take your data security as seriously as you do

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At Insuserve-1 we have comprehensive measures in place to safeguard your intellectual property rights and your customer’s data.

Cyber Security

Our liability insurance policy protects your business if the unthinkable happens.

Cyber Security

We utilize the Microsoft Azure virtual machine which runs on a Windows 2016 Standard operating system. The server has industry best practice and Microsoft recommended security baseline policies applied to harden the operating system. In addition, there are two firewalls protecting the server from the public Internet including a local host operating system and the Azure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) firewall.

VPN Encryption

The VPN administration portal is 256-bit TLS v1.2 SSL encryption and the VPN user traffic is encrypted using the strongest commercially available 256-bit AES-256-CBC cipher encryption.

Information Non-Disclosure

  • We initiate an NDA signing before business-sensitive information is exchanged with each client.
  • Each employee is required to sign a Proprietary Information Agreement as well as an individual NDA.
  • The disclosure of proprietary information directly or indirectly to a person not involved in the work is strictly prohibited. Usage, copying, publishing, summarizing and/or moving this information out of the company’s premises is strictly prohibited.
  • E-mail and web servers reside at an independent data center.
  • Regular external audits are conducted to ensure that there are no security weaknesses.
  • No removable media (including CD’s, flash memory storage devices, etc.) may go in and out of the facility without the written permission of the administration.
  • Access to the VPN/VLAN/VNC is restricted to authorized personnel only.
  • Workstations and servers are SPAM- and virus-protected in real-time mode.