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Generating Maximum ROI in the Insurance Organization from Employees

As and when new employees are hired, the insurance needs to put more of the budget weight towards maintaining the payroll costs, thus making the ROI of the workforce a critical factor to determine the profitability and growth. In theory, this would imply the more the budget towards payroll expenditure, ...
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Efficiency Boosting Techniques for Insurance Organization

Although there are many ways to improve and augment efficiency of insurance operations, however there are two effective methods that could be tested to achieve successful results. Firstly, investigating alternate staffing opportunities and secondly encouraging more communicative methods in the processes. In order to reduce employee expenditure one can adopt ...
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Driving sustained business development and profitability for insurance industry

Sustained business growth is essential for the insurance industry along with profitability, as such, it is crucial to understand how businesses need to move ahead in the right direction. To begin with, the much-hyped theory in this regard is the “alignment principle”. Now, what do we mean when we stress ...
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Protecting Your Insurance Agency from Cyber Failures

Each and every insurance agent is responsible for their individual recordkeeping as part of the professional standards of conduct. This involves cataloguing conversations, saving soft copies of email exchanges and even text and voicemail messages. However, with the threat of cyber crimes on the rise more than ever cyber invasion ...
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Implementing Smart Operations for Your Insurance Organizations

There are tremendous opportunities for obtaining greater possibilities for insurance agencies that help themselves implement the best practices in their organization. In fact, it is reported that the top 25% of agencies with a revenue earning of $5mn to $10mn have created smart operational features in their agencies and have ...
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Best Insurance Agency Practices for Profitability

Every customer is interested in knowing the state of affairs at their concerned insurance agency to be up to date with the matters. As such it is also a part of the know- how process to find how agencies are performing and operating. A recent survey on the best practices ...
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Top 4 Ways In Which Your Insurance Organization Can Give Back

The insurance industry can take initiatives to give back to the communities locally as well as globally in a major way. According to a recent survey charitable giving across the P&C industry from the biggest carriers to the smallest agencies has risen by more than 15% from 2014- 2018. In ...
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Emphasizing On Smart Working in Your Insurance Organization

There is a plethora of opportunities for generating greater profitability for insurance organizations if only they happen to implement the best practices. In a recent survey , it was found that 25% of the insurance agencies generating a revenue of 5-10$million had already adopted and paved way for smart operation ...
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Rise in dearth of talented professionals in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has strived hard to attract and retain people in the industry. The present scenario is witness to a lot of pioneers taking retirement. As such addressing the industry’s talent need has become one of the top set priorities for most of the insurance executives. According to the ...
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