Employee Motivation for Technology Adoption in the Insurance Industry

In order to drive the adoption of latest technology among employees, it is understand to motivate the users and the reasons behind diminishing buy-in. According to a recent study, more than 52% of the insurers plan to enhance their technology budgets, making the adoption rates higher in order to successfully implement the technology change. The upgrade lists include mobile technology, cloud computing as well as policy administration. However, all this would be invaluable without the end user buy-in and would turn out to be expensive investments. It is often seen that innovations that are cool in theory can cause marginalization of large segments if they are clunky or esoteric. It is as such advisable to make the applications work with the producers instead of making it vice versa and make the producers work with the technology.

Technology solutions thereby need to be consistently available, tangible and intuitive as possible. According to experts, top technology priorities include the following:

  • Processing advantages that make the transitioning worth the effort
  • Supportive tab devices incorporated into single business process across multiple platforms
  • Support for business anywhere and anytime
  • Multiple electronic accessing abilities
  • Easy E- Payment processing
  • Intuitive Processes that require little or no formal training
  • Easy switch from current forms and screens

One of the most crucial elements in applying technological change is the clear value and the ease of usage towards behavioral change. If the technology is unable to offer the above then it has fairly poor chances of adoption by the organization. The first step towards the development of automated solutions is to enquire the value to be provided to the producers to facilitate their migration.

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