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Account Management Services

At Insuserve-1, we understand that the hiring, training, and retaining of qualified and expert Account managers and CSRs could be quite a challenge for insurance agencies. However, these are pivotal roles for complex processes and a critical component for successful workflows.

As such, we are pleased to inform you that we now proffer remote Account Management Services, and unlike our back-office processing workforce, our Account Management Services are based in the U.S. and are adept with licensed agents to help transact businesses in the States.

Addressing Staffing Shortage before it turns into a crisis- Insuserve-1.
Agency of any size, dimension, and domain can come to a stage where it faces an acute shortage of experienced staff. Such a situation inevitably leads to disruptions in the ordinary course of operations. These disruptions and interferences can cause the remaining staff to get overwhelmed, leading to operational build-ups and the creation of backlogs. This could lead to unhappy customers, and surely, no one would want that for their customers.

At insuserve-1, our Account Managers are tested and screed for their selection based on their levels of experience and expertise, familiarity with the broad scope of the business line, and proficiency in Agency Management Systems. With our services, agencies are assisted by our assigned Account managers to work for them exclusively based on their specific business requirements.

Is transferring Customers to a Carrier Service center on your mind? Think Again! Think-Insuserve-1!
Transferring clients at any moment can be a distasteful decision and is bound to leave a wrong impression on the customer’s minds, not to mention tainting the service provider too. It can even lead to significant complications along with customer disappointment. Most clients may continue to call for assistance, and some may even feel they are losing out on the benefits of purchasing their insurance via an agent.

Here’s what you gain by partnering with – Insuserve-1.
When you come on board with Insuserve-1, your clients will receive services and support that are identical to what they expect to obtain from the agency employees. Our Account Managers are simulated to perform within the parameters set forth by the agency and function as an extension of the agency’s in-house team. More so, the customers will still enjoy the benefits of having their accounts serviced by the agency. Still, the agency’s in-house team is relieved of the routine tasks and responsibilities.

Certain Insurance Agencies create smaller books of less profitable accounts to be serviced via our Outsourced Account Management Service process. This benefits them by allowing their in-house Account Managers to focus on the larger and more prominent complex accounts to generate greater premiums. On the other hand, several other agencies have requirements for account Managers with skills and handling expertise of specific types of accounts. They, too, can turn to us at Insuserve-1 for assistance from the right professional for the job. We provide for all sorts of requirements catering to diverse business needs, from assistance with personal lines for a high net-worth client to commercial lines for contractors, agribusinesses, or other specialty risks.

Scale productivity and enhance Profitability only with – Insuserve-1.
A company produces quality output only if it has a quality workforce, it can be the greatest asset for a company, but often it might pose a disadvantage if it is high on maintenance and retention. Here’s where Insuserve-1 can help agencies and carriers achieve the best value for their employees by Outsourcing Account Management Services and allowing them to focus on the core activities that help generate income for the business.

Allow us to assist your team and workforce and minimize the full-blown costs of adding new employees.

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