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Certificate of Insurance Processing Outsourcing Services

Has Certificate Processing become a complicated mess for your Agency – Outsourcing is the solution!
Most Insurance agencies deal with the issuance of Certificates for various insurances. This process could be swift, smooth, mammoth, convoluted, and time-consuming. It depends on the internal structure and build of the organizational workforce that consumes the person-hours and translates into millions if not done accordingly. Outsourcing Certificate of Insurance Processing Services could be a key to seamless operations if your agency is burdened with a massive certificate-processing load.

Cost Control with Outsourced Certificate of Insurance Processing Services.
Insurance agencies invest time, energy, and resources in hiring, training, and developing their personnel. This professional development and employee-related expenditures, including payrolls, taxes, healthcare, benefits, and workers’ compensation insurance, are the prime factors that require excessive capitalization. In such situations outsourcing the regular tasks of certificate processing can assist the insurance agencies in extracting value and potential from the trained workforce and delegate routine responsibilities to help them focus on their core tasks that help generate revenue.

Greater Customer Satisfaction with Outsourced Certificate of Insurance Processing Services.
Almost all requests for a certificate of Insurance come with deadlines, and the average turnaround time taken for its issuance can make or break a company-client relationship. In addition, the process for certificate issuance must be flawless and error-free. There should be no room for mistakes as it could only lead to a disappointed client and complicated E&O claims. An agency should have a dedicated team of Insurance processing employees to ensure that the Certificate of Insurance Processing Service is carried out perfectly.

The agency’s in-house team has a wide range of tasks to conform to and might end up underperforming in certificate processing services. As they are already subject to interruptions and distractions, the certificate processing may need to be faster and more accurate.

On the other hand, a remote Outsourced Certificate of Insurance Processing Service is not subject to the agency’s internal changes and competing demands. Thus, translating into greater accuracy, efficiency, and on-time deliveries, making the customers happy and satisfied.

The team at Insuserve1 understands the evolving client requirements via an in-depth assessment and support systems, which is practical and rational, offering clients complacent solutions.

Operational efficiency and enhanced workflow with Outsourced Certificate of Insurance Processing Services.
Our team at Insuserve1 collaborates with the Agency’s management team to develop a workflow that engages the in-house staff to refer certificate requests for remote processing; the certificates are then issued following the predetermined guidelines and specified instructions. The workflow is designed to meet the agency’s requirements to set up the expected turnaround time and other parameters. Insuserve1’s association with the Agencies allows the agencies to automate their certificate renewal processing. We help build a workflow that gets the certificate issued as soon as a policy is renewed without the customer or the in-house staff having to submit a request.

We at Insuserve1 assign our processing professionals to offer services to a specific Agency. This ensures that the agency knows the company responsible for issuing its certificates. The requests are never added to a queue to be handled by the next available processor. The team members at Insuserve1 become the extension of the agency’s workforce.

Suppose you would like to know more about our Outsourced Certificate of Insurance Processing Services and how it works best for your agency. Please get in touch with our helpdesk at Insuserve1 today.

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