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A certificate of insurance (COI) also known as an ACORD certificate of liability insurance and serves as proof of your insurance coverage. Every year millions of Insurance certificates are issued in US and the processing requires monotonous verification of the policy holder’s details which include the types and limits of coverage, the issuing insurance company, your policy number, the named insured, and the policy’s effective dates.

As the most client, friendly Insurance Back-office Service provider INSUSERVE-1 not only reduces the time-to-market period dramatically but also strives to bring to the table a smooth clutter-free process while only improving on the aspects of quality and reliability all this while maintaining affordability. We do take deep pride in our quality as the approach to every certificate issuance is almost surgically precise and meticulous and we are prepared to go to any length to ensure client and customer satisfaction.

Our Services
Supported by a highly-experienced Back-Office expertise, well adept in handling all processes related to policy certificate verification, validation and electronically disbursing certificate of Insurance (COI) and a specialized team which undertakes all processes related to ACORD certificates, we are ready to meet every industry standards, guidelines and challenges.
Some of our services on offering are:

Certificate of Insurance Processing : Our insurance back office specialists are well experienced in processing and issuing insurance certificates with great quality and turnaround time. We also ensure that the certificate of insurance is issued on forms approved by our client’s insurance agency such as ACORD forms.

Efficient third-party communication to process requests faster: Communication with clients and customers is paramount for a smooth functioning and our trained insurance professionals ensure that all cases are closely followed-up upon to ensure error-free and fast resolutions. Client’s insurance compliance rates are enhanced by following a regime of strict attention to detail and regular follow-ups, leading to reduction in loss exposure and increased customer service levels.

Validating compliance and detecting non-compliant issues: Compliance verification can be a major time and resource consumer for any insurance firm which is definitely a strict no-no. At INSUSERVE-1 all compliance issues are handled with extreme precaution and care by our trained professionals who are adept handling large volume of cases with finesse within a rigid time frame . Each policy is tracked independently and is dealt with by concerned professionals depending upon the policy being compliant or non-compliant. Ensuring separate and dedicated tracking and regular case inspections help us realize a reduced risk from uninsured claims and breach of contract.

Renewal Requests and compliance reporting: We depend upon our comprehensive Insurance Certificate Management Database to keep a track of all the generated policy renewal requests while generating exhaustive compliance reports. Reports help us trace any anomalies and rectify them as and when spotted during regular inspections. Policies are handled by individual Insurance professional from its generation till its resolution to maintain uniformity and consistency.

Processing revised certificates after renewals: Our extensive Insurance management database is used to store insurance details, excess liability limits and other relevant information and then convey the re-evaluated certificate of insurance to the policyholders via email while maintaining confidentiality. Strict quality control inspections are carried out after each stage to eradicate errors, repetitions or omissions in the process without any compromises made on the turnaround times while processing revised insurance certificates.

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