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If Certificate Processing Is a Headache for Your Agency, Outsource to Ease the Pain
Every agency has to deal with issuing certificates of insurance. They can be quick and easy or time consuming and complex. Depending on the make-up of an agency’s book of business, processing certificates can consume a lot of manhours and that translates into a lot of dollars. If your agency has a high certificate processing load, outsourcing this function may be a great option.

Outsource Certificate Processing to Control Costs
Agencies invest time, energy and capital in the hiring, training, and professional development of their employees, and employee-related costs like payroll, taxes, benefits, and workers compensation insurance, represent most agencies’ biggest expense. Outsourcing routine tasks like certificate processing can help agencies get the most value from their employees by allowing them to delegate routine tasks so they can concentrate on duties that generate income.

Increase Customer Satisfaction by Outsourcing Certificates of Insurance
Every request for a certificate of insurance comes with a deadline, and the turnaround time for issuing certificates can make or break client relationships. At the same time, certificates must be issued correctly – mistakes can not only lead to upset customers, but E&O claims. Unless an agency has a dedicated certificate processing employee or employees, in-house staff are typically responsible for a wide variety of tasks. That means they may face interruptions and distractions that make certificate processing slower and less precise. Remote processors don’t face these types of competing demands, which translates to greater efficiency and accuracy. Accurate, on time certificates equal happy clients.

Customized Certificate Processing Workflows Increase Operational Efficiency
In collaboration with an agency’s management team, Insuserve-1 develops a workflow that allows in-house staff to refer certificate requests to remote processors, who then issue the certificates in accordance with pre-determined guidelines and/or specific instructions. The workflow is customized to meet the needs of the agency, so they can establish the expected turnaround time and other parameters. Agencies also have the opportunity to automate the certificate renewal process through Insuserve-1. We can build a workflow that gets certificates issued as soon as a policy renews, without customers or in-house staff having to submit a request.

At Insuserve-1, we assign our processing professionals to provide services to a specific agency. That means the agency knows who is issuing their certificates – the requests are not just added to a queue to be handled by the next available processor. Insuserve-1 team members become an extension of an agency’s team.

If you would like to learn more about how outsourcing certificate of insurance processing can work for your agency, contact Insuserve-1 today.

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