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Insurance Policy Checking Services

Insurance companies work round the clock fulfilling obligations to scores of clients and hence value their time by the second. The schedule here could be quite asphyxiating as each day there are numerous tasks to be addressed and reported, from taking in application renewals to follow up with the clients and tracking the clients for filling in the missing information. All this takes up a great deal of time and effort. One could simply put it this way that a phone tag could possibly eat away a highly productive day.

At Insuserve-1, we opine that there could be a different approach to streamlining insurance checks and speed up the process. We realize that most insurance agencies are committed to a host of other tasks that requires to be operationalised upon priority basis and as such bring out the best suitable solution to cater to the same. We could be a valuable asset to our insurance agency clients. We can become an eminent part in carrying out partly or completely all the tasks associated with insurance policy checking for worker’s compensation policies, life insurance policies as well as business owner’s policies. We can offer assistance in following up on the missing data and information on behalf of your enterprise and help invest the time and resources saved in core operations of the agency.


  • Checking inaccuracies and missing details, review of customer documents
  • Submission of missing detail and other findings to the underwriters
  • Filling in verified and authenticated customer and policy information
  • Follow up of the policy status
  • Sourcing other vital details for generation of the policy document
  • Producing the final policy after comprehensive inputs from the underwriters.

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