Insurance Virtual Assistants

Insuserve-1 is a business process outsourcing company focused on delivering comprehensive back-office processing services with Virtual Assistants to the insurance industry.

Our workforce can handle those routine, but often time-consuming duties that divert in-house staff’s valuable attention. The tasks that can be outsourced include, but are not limited to, issuing certificates of insurance, policy checking, renewals, and endorsement processing, ordering loss runs and motor vehicle records, entering data into Acord and supplemental applications, quoting on carrier websites, document management, and invoicing. Desktop virtualization allows our team to remotely access our client’s agency management systems in order to complete assigned tasks, but our stringent, multi-layered security protocols keep client data protected.

Intensive Training

Our VAs are subjected to constant training to hone their skills and hit their potential to the maximum. We have incorporated the most updated and efficient training modules to accommodate to a variety of task for our VAs.

Background Scan

We ensure that all our VAs are thoroughly checked and scanned in accordance with Industry standards. We would keep no stone unturned so that our customers and patrons are rest assured that our VAs are ready for the job and adhere to the company protocols at all times.

Integrated Monitoring Systems

Our timely monitoring through various applications enables us to keep a track of our Insurance Virtual Assistant’s productivity.

Insurance Virtual Assistants

Insurance Back Office Services

Redefine Productivity

We deal with all the jobs at hand for our patrons so that they can utilize their resources to the best of their capability and in turn enhance productivity. Our Insurance Virtual Assistants have hands on training with both Commercial and Personal lines. Our Insurance Virtual Assistants support and address client requirements to provide a clear gateway towards digital and virtual Insurance transformation.

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Insurance Virtual Assistants

Insuserve1 provides Insurance virtual assistants to Insurance agencies, Insurance Brokers, Independent insurance agencies, MGA’s.