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Why Insuserve-1 sets the standard for Business Process Outsourcing ?

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Why to India?

In a recent survey, 80% of U.S. and European outsourcing firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination. The National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) also reported that almost half of all Fortune 500 companies choose to outsource software development to Indian outsourcing firms. Even though many other countries (including China, Ireland, Mexico and the Philippines) have emerged as major competitors, India has managed to outmaneuver all others and emerge as the top outsourcing destination. Major differentiators such as favorable government policies, continually developing infrastructure and an immensely talented work force are responsible. The growth rate of the Indian IT Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing industry tells the story: a tremendous 25-30% per year.

Largest Talent Pool in the world

India remains unmatched when it comes to its vast pool of skilled and talented human resources. The country has a population of over 1.2 billion people, and approximately 3.1 million graduates are added to the workforce each year. India also holds the distinction of being the largest English-speaking nation in the world – greater than the United States and the United Kingdom combined. Coupled with these numbers is the quality of talent that attracts companies wishing to outsource.

Indian outsourcing companies are able to provide the quickest time-to-market due to the advantages gained by time zone differences. The 12-hour time difference between India and the USA provides companies with numerous opportunities for work to be completed earlier than expected. This can lead to greater efficiency for client companies, increased productivity and more time available to focus on other crucial tasks. The time difference makes India an ideal option for clients who maintain 24/7 Customer Services.

Why India is the most preferred global destination ?

India continues to remain the world’s favorite when it comes to Business Process Outsourcing. India holds 65% of the global offshore outsourcing, making it the dominant leader. There are very good reasons why this is so and why companies such as Cisco, Oracle and Hewlett-Packard opt for India: superior talent, quality results, fast turnaround times and low costs. Cisco Systems executive Mr. Elfink emphasizes this point when he says, “We believe that India is the hub of the world where the Information and Communications Technologies sector is concerned.”

Why Insuserve-1 ?

Our scalable services allow Agencies/Brokers and companies to grow comfortably while taking advantage of the highest quality of service to their clients. We access your systems directly using remote-access tools just like one of your remote employees. We work in real time with your staff or during the night on the same systems for seamless execution of your back-office production.

Our workforce is focused on precise functions. Before-and-after analysis with our clients has shown that this focused production is more efficient due to less interruptions. Our 24/7 schedule means faster production, which increases your efficiency at lower cost. Our elasticity of both schedule and workforce allows us to provide the fastest service for your documents regardless of your workload. Our experienced operations heads understand that the continuing success of your business relies on the relationships you’ve built with your own clients through trust and quality.

How much will we save?

Our clients have lowered their labor costs greatly with no loss of productivity. We estimate a potential cost savings of 1-3% of total gross revenue by using Insuserve-1. Savings are coupled with a quality of work performed with high efficiency and accuracy.

What about security controls?

Once applications and management systems are in place, we work directly within your existing IT structure following the security controls you set up. This gives you total control over the process at all times.

What is the element of Risk?

We pride ourselves ultimately on quality. Finding any mistakes early in the process and then delivering our work with zero errors keeps our clients always at NO RISK.

What is the depth of Remote Staffing team support?

A dedicated Delivery Manager is assigned to each client, who will be responsible for reporting to you on a regular basis and leading the team according to your directions. There is also a standby team to ensure responsiveness at all times. And you will always have access as necessary to our team of Business Process Outsourcing experts.

Where is Insuserve-1?

 Insuserve-1 is an Dallas, TX-based Insurance back office services company with it global Delivery Center located in Visakhapatnam, the largest city in the state Andhra Pradesh on the east coast of the nation after Chennai and Kolkata. The city, one of the 100 fastest-growing in the world, is home to several state-owned heavy industries and a steel plant, as well as to operations of companies such as Wipro, IBM – Kenexa and Tech Mahindra. Visakhapatnam is also home to several medical, engineering and technical colleges, including Andhra University established in 1926. Clearly an IT hub for the next generation, Visakhapatnam has rightly been called “the City of Destiny.”