Applied Epic and Insurance Process Outsourcing – Tools for Powering Agency Growth


As every insurance agent knows, operational tasks can absorb a substantial number of manhours – time that could be better spent communicating with clients, making new connections, and soliciting new business. Relationships are at the core of the insurance industry and focusing on relationship-building helps sustain essential business partnerships, retain existing clients, and bring in new business.

Many operational processes can be automated and streamlined by using an Agency Management System (AMS) like Applied Epic, but even greater efficiency and profitability can be realized when agencies partner with an Insurance Process Outsourcing company like Insuserve-1. Outsourcing offers agencies the opportunity to contract out common back-office processes, relieving the burden on in-house employees.

The Benefits of Applied Epic

Arguably the most robust AMS in the marketplace, Epic combines CRM, database, document management, accounting, and report capabilities into a single platform. The platform can be utilized by larger agencies with multiple locations. Customer information is easily accessed by your team, email correspondence and other documents can be attached using drag and drop, data input and output can be standardized across your organization and comprehensive accounting and report capabilities allow you to evaluate employee productivity, as well as your business’s financial health.

Enhance the Benefits of Epic by Outsourcing Back-Office Processes

Outsourced processors can handle a wide variety of back-office tasks in Epic, such as setting up new clients and carriers, issuing certificates of insurance, and checking policies and endorsements. With many carriers, importing documents such as policies, endorsements, and notifications can happen automatically via daily downloads, but there may still be manual indexing that has to be completed by CSRs or Account Managers. Insuserve-1’s insurance processing professionals can manage these daily downloads, ensuring suspense items are created and assigned to the appropriate in-house personnel. Processors can also retrieve documents from carriers that do not interface directly with Epic and index those documents appropriately. Insuserve-1’s agile workforce and flexible service model means your agency can add tasks as needed.

Insuserve-1’s processors integrate seamlessly with your agency, allowing your team to delegate routine, non-customer facing tasks. Productivity increases when agency employees are freed from these duties, which are often quite time consuming. Profitability rises when skilled agency employees can focus their attention on income producing tasks.

Outsourcing Eases the Burdens Created by Staff Turnover

When an agency loses a CSR or Account Manager, backlogs of tasks can accumulate. Even if an agency can quickly hire a replacement, there is a definite learning curve for new users of Epic, as there are certain aspects of the system that are not intuitive. An Insurance Outsourcing company like Insuserve-1 has experienced Epic users that can quickly step in to prevent and/or clear backlogs.

Quick and Accurate Data Entry is Essential

No AMS can be particularly useful if the data entered is not accurate and comprehensive. When Insuserve-1’s back-office processing professionals are handling only non-customer facing tasks, they do not deal with competing demands on their time and attention like agency employees do. This allows processors to complete tasks quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Outsourced processors follow the same policies and procedures you set forth for your internal employees – that way the data in your AMS is consistent.

Data Security is Crucial

At Insuserve-1 we deeply respect our clients’ intellectual property rights and business data and take comprehensive measures to safeguard them. We utilize stringent, multi-layered security protocols that meet the highest industry standards. Partnering with an Insurance Process Outsourcing company requires providing access to your AMS and affiliated carrier websites, but Epic gives you the ability to provide limited permission to your processors so sensitive information cannot be accessed by them.

Epic and Outsourcing Work Hand-in-Hand to Power Growth and Profitability

In summary, Epic’s robust features increase productivity, while outsourcing to a company like Insuserve-1 allows you to delegate tasks that are essential but not necessarily income-producing. This lets you and your employees focus your attention on building your business’s profitability.

Insuserve-1 is ready to show how your business can benefit from our services – reach out today.

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