Boost Productivity, Cut Costs, and Increase Growth with Insurance Process Outsourcing and EZLynx


In a March 23, 2020 article, Insurance Journal reported that Account Managers spend roughly half their time on paperwork and computer input. An Agency Management System (AMS) such as EZLynx can assist by streamlining many processes. Operational efficiencies can be created by utilizing the concept of staff stratification – delegating routine tasks to the least costly qualified employee whenever possible. Delegating those routine tasks to an insurance process outsourcing company, such as Insurserve-1, can help agencies realize significant cost savings and increase productivity. Freed from the responsibility of completing non-customer facing tasks, skilled agency employees can focus on activities that build customer relationships and produce income.

The Benefits of EZLynx

Many agencies may already be familiar with EZLynx’s Rating Engine product – a comparative rater that allows employees to enter customer data into a single system and receive quotes from multiple carriers. However, EZLynx offers a host of other products that can be purchased in a bundle or individually. Their products include a comprehensive agency management system, agency website platform, and consumer quoting, among others. These products and features can help agencies improve customer service, capture leads for new business, stay organized, and track profits.

Enhance Operational Efficiency with Insurance Process Outsourcing

Contracting with an insurance process outsourcing company like Insuserve-1 improves operational efficiency in a variety of ways. The outsourced processors who handle back-office tasks do not have the same competing demands on their time and attention that in-house agency employees do. Back-office processors can focus on the specific set of tasks assigned by the agency, which allows them to work quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. Insuserve-1’s experienced professionals follow the standards, policies, and procedures set forth by your agency, so consistency is maintained across your organization.

Insuserve-1 can manage daily carrier downloads and retrieve and index documents from carriers that do not interface directly with EZLynx. Our processors can perform tasks such as manually adding policies, entering invoices for agency bill polices, entering customer data in EZLynx’s comparative rater, issuing certificates of insurance, checking polices and endorsements, and an array of other processes. Delegating these routine back-office operations frees your staff to focus on their area of expertise, rather than clerical activities.

Managing Workforce Turnover

For many agencies, losing an experienced CSR or Account Manager can interrupt normal operations, creating backlogs and delaying the fulfillment of customer requests for quotes or assistance. With the wide variety of AMS’s in use today, it can sometimes be difficult for agencies to fill vacancies with insurance professionals experienced in the specific AMS their agency uses. EZLynx has many training videos available online and embedded in their products, but there can still be lag time between when a new employee starts and when they get up to speed on the system.

Insuserve-1 employs processors that are experienced at operating in EZLynx and can step in to prevent backlogs from developing while new in-house employees are hired and trained. This is one more way that Insuserve-1 enhances agency productivity.

Insuserve-1 Keeps Your Data Secure

When partnering with an insurance process outsourcing company, agencies need to feel confident allowing access to sensitive customer data and proprietary business information. Insuserve-1 takes data security as seriously as you do, and our procedures meet the highest industry standards. Our multi-layered, stringent protocols keep your data secure.

EZLynx and Insuserve-1 – Working Hand-In-Hand to Drive Profitability and Growth

To summarize, EZLynx’s comprehensive product offerings give agencies the ability to automate operational processes, centralize information, and manage documentation in a paperless environment. But as every insurance agent knows, back-office tasks can consume considerable amounts of time. This is where outsourcing can provide customized solutions. By allowing for the delegation of routine processes to Insuserve-1, an agency’s experienced, skilled workforce is free to focus on providing outstanding customer service, bringing in new business, and building essential relationships.

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