Making a change in an organization is a difficult task and maintaining it is even harder. This makes it imperative to have reinforcements. However, the focus on the reinforcement should be robust so that the desired results are achieved.

There are several ways to achieve this such as:

  • Occasional Revelry or celebration for short-term wins can help serve as a morale booster and also a way to deter resistance, which is usually seen when employees tend to fall back on their old ways.
  • Rewards and recognitions offered by change sponsors and executives can help a long way.
  • Feedbacks coming directly from the management including thank you messages and minimal acknowledgements are also a welcome change.
  • Corrections or corrective actions are essential in places and situations where something is not working properly, ensuring to listening carefully and taking steps to rectify the error can help instill trust and confidence among the employees for the change makers.
  • Accountability measures can also be adopted such as compensations and incentives that can be offered to the people because of the workplace behaviors they have been asked to embrace.
  • It must be noted here that although significant investment needs to be made in enabling people to develop the awareness, knowledge , ability and desire to bring into effect the change successfully. It is the proactive planning and execution that can help reinforce the change effectively. Without a proper reinforcement, one can only jeopardize the investment and seep into the risk of the outcome being total loss.

    The only way employees can embrace a change is when they realize the value of the change and support in completely, so much as to give it a genuine try. They would also require the ability and skills to perform according to the change and with due respect to the people ushering the change.

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