Awareness and growth development are some aspects of change management. However, it is time to train and gear up the employees with the knowledge and ability to make and enforce the changes desired. There are two categories of knowledge and information that an employee requires to know in order to become part of the change management system. The first initiative in this regard is realizing the change transition and when it needs to be applied. The second initiative involves being equipped and prepared with the knowledge to perform effectively when the change is made and applied. As such, it is essential to develop a training program to be prepared for both categories.

To develop this knowledge for the staff it is essential that the plan include the following:

  • Training and education
  • Easily accessible information
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • External consultation
  • Self-study and reading
  • Peer networking

For instance if an organization is looking ahead to alter their agency management, one should try to incorporate formal training programs from the vendor as well as one –on- one coaching programs, user groups and forums to help troubleshoot so that the employees feel at ease with the new system and its utilities.
In addition to the above, the change management system should also be able to cover the training time required to address the conflicting demands and carve out hours necessary to gain knowledge for the employees to help them move forward with the new change. Along with the knowledge, instilling the ability to adopt and initiate the change is also crucial. The right training tools, techniques may also need to be provided. If needed anticipating additional training programs or coaching to help close the learning gaps will enable to foster the ability to learn and develop among the employees.

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