There are many things that we need to educate ourselves about especially with advanced technology, which is not only resourceful for development but also for crime. One of the recent, publicized ransomware threats that created a buzz have reinforced the need to learn and adopt practices in cybersecurity vigilance. The only way that insurance organizations can stay safe from malicious ransomwares and viruses is by keeping updated and following the best practices in cybersecurity to troubleshoot and stand guard during instances such as “WannaCry” that jolted the insurance industry at large.

One of the best practices to stay protected from these cyber troubles is to keep the operating systems and software’s updated. In case of the WannaCry ransomware, it only took advantage of the computers that had not been duly maintained or updated. Mostly the systems with Microsoft’s March Update were deeply affected i.e. MS17-010. As such, the first line of defense against such cyber attacks is to be updated to the latest security updates. It is necessary to make sure that all the computer systems have a cybersecurity program that is independently certified from a subject matter expert and developed upon cybersecurity best practices.

Apart from those mentioned above some common activities, which can be done to ensure cyber safety, include the following:

  • Regular maintenance and security updates for all the equipments.
  • Customary cybersecurity risk assessments as well as audits.
  • Susceptibility scans for all computer systems and devices to test their vulnerability.
  • Routine reviews of computer logs for proactively indentifying the issues.
  • Creation of email phishing campaigns to alert and create awareness and test readiness.
  • Mock or Simulated cyber attacks to test incident responses.

Although at times some work environments may not require intensive security, coding however having a security consultant can assist in the establishment of a cybersecurity program, which can be a smart investment for the insurance organization.


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