Apart from establishing a cybersecurity program as discussed earlier educating the employees about cyber safe behavior is also a good step in curbing phishing and cyber crimes in the insurance sector. WannaCry, the ransomware was actually globally spread via a phishing email. Similarly, there are many such ways in which hackers and cyber criminals get into the loop holes of a business house. One of the main reasons behind this can also be the reckless behavior of the employees, such as opening phishing emails or clicking on access to malicious websites unknowingly as the hackers trick them.

An important step that needs to be taken to deal with this situation is to train the employees on secure cyber behavior and then constantly focusing on their behavior to assess the awareness and reinforce the behavioral pattern. A comprehensive cybersecurity program can only be complete if it has the requisite process, technology and policies. It should also be complacent with the human element. These awareness and educational programs must include the following:

  • Firstly integrated cybersecurity in the culture and decision making procedure of the organization.
  • Employee engagement in cybersecurity, ensuring active participation making it enjoyable and recreational.
  • Acknowledgment of good cybersecurity behavior to motivate others.
  • Offering incentives to inspire and encourage secure web practices and securing the organizational cult.

In most insurance organizations that have become cyber safe, the employees are required to attend semiannual or annual online security awareness training programs. This training is updated semi annually or annually with additional information which reflect on relevant new areas such as phishing, social engineering, ransomware etc. which require both reinforcement of cyber social security behavior and awareness. It is thus extremely important to make cyber safety and security a top priority for insurance organizations to help maintain regular social security operations.

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