Achieving organizational goals is impossible with the lack of alignment or inspiration. A simple example is how often Insurance Retail Brokers Service Personnel are dependent upon the Producers to enable them to deliver on their targets. Complimenting this is the fact that most Account Executives never get to know in advance how their day will look like, as the Producers over emphasize them on the need for promising services outside the realm of what they typically offer. This leads to undue stress and the creation of uncertainty in the work environment. Eventually making it hard to plan and execute effective and efficient work processes.

One of the ways in which alignment can be developed or enhanced is by improving the communication between the service staff and the Producers. In addition, it will also lead to gain in process efficiency, potential prospects and better and satisfactory client services. Hence coined, “Help me, help you”. When we take a look at how Producers cooperate with their service teams, each of them have an individual pattern of performance. Although there is no real stability in the sales platform, even if it is the same agency, giving rise to confusion, inefficiency and extra servicing work. For instance, client renewals are often handled differently from one producer to the other. While some may conduct a thorough face-to-face client review, the other may simply ask the servicing staff to renew as it is.

Service teams have a better chance to be more efficient and productive when streamlining insurance processes, gaining optimum operational adequacies and ultimately providing a superior customer experience. For this, the key element is to get the sales process aligned with the servicing strategy, with the Producers opting to perform with consistency and dedication. If only the Producers and service teams communicate openly about their requirements, challenges and preferences, it can help them in going a long way.

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