Most managers in the insurance industry often complain about their teams being too resistant to changes in the organization. Often this attitude is because the members of the team are clueless of the impact of the change on their personal and professional life. Changes can be too difficult at times to adapt.

The below mentioned steps can help an organization lead a successful change initiative.

By getting the team members on board and sharing information with the team, creating a detailed project charter that includes description of the problem as well background data will enable them to understand better. In addition, clear deliverables aligned to business goals will enable them to focus on the full scope of the work.

The members of the team should be stimulated in such a way that they inculcate the desire to participate in the change. Highlighting the catch for them and helping them earn the benefits from the change is the way it should work.

By offering the team with the requisite knowledge of how to change and capability to change with the tools they are being provided can be purposeful. If the change requires them to do something new considering training or coaching to acquire the needed skills is necessary.

In order to sustain the change and keep it moving the managers should be able to recognize early adopters as well as share the outcome of the business and celebrate success of the change. This practice will influence more team members to become part of the change. Constant checks and a steady eye over the implementation of the change are necessary to ensure the sustainability of the change.

With each effort to implement the changes, it is essential to understand that every individual has its own pace at which they get accustomed to changes. Pushing them to the limit is not a healthy practice, instead being visibly supportive and assuring will enable the team to adapt the change with grace.


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