How prepared is your Insurance organization for Disaster Management

Insurance organizations should not only focus on business process transformation but also operational performance and optimization. Often at times massive destructions due to epic hurricanes are reported to cause huge losses to not just lives and property but also creating an aftermath of the event. This has also brought to light the significance of business continuity in the face of natural disasters and how to plan work during such distressed times in the insurance organizations, especially those insurance agencies where disaster strikes not just the insureds but the agencies hard too.

In the face of danger, the earlier signs need to be comprehended well In advance to be better prepared to face the odds. Experience of storm tracking, risk location analysis as well as planning and mobilization are a must have on the sleeve of every corporate insurance agency. Although it is but common to be worried about clients and colleagues in times of peril. However, first and foremost it is crucial to hope and prepare for the safety of everyone in the path of storms and winds. Secondly, just as things begin to settle down and return to normalcy, enquiring the clients with any priority work as they begin to return to businesses and normal operations are a courteous step. Experienced insurance professionals could be brought in for assistance in handling loss-reporting calls from the insureds in the wake of the agent operations still facing interruption. Finally following up on carriers and insureds to confirm the adjuster assignments for clients if required could also be done.

In the above-mentioned methods, help could be forwarded during such testing times. Nonetheless, it should be remembered that there never is a right moment because natural disasters are unpredictable. so in addition to supporting the day to day operations, the external vendors can also become an integral part of the business continuity planning and disaster management process.

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