Meeting the Challenges Faced by Today’s Insurance Agencies with Insurance Process Outsourcing and QQ Catalyst

Insurance Process Outsourcing

One of the biggest challenges facing insurance agencies today is the consumer’s focus on premiums over the value of agency relationships. Not only do agencies have to compete with one another, they must compete with carriers that offer policies direct to consumers online. Agencies that thrive find new ways to demonstrate their worth by delivering an experience that leaves the customer felling informed, valued, and supported.

However, as every insurance agent knows, there are only so many hours in the day. Manual processes, out-of-date technology, and other operational inefficiencies consume valuable manhours, leaving less time for producers, account managers, and CSR’s to spend with clients. The right Agency Management System (AMS) can help, and so can contracting with an insurance process outsourcing company like Insuserve-1.

The Benefits of QQ Catalyst

QQ Catalyst is an AMS that offers a host of employee productivity tools to help agencies manage their businesses more efficiently. The system supports document downloads from participating carriers, so documents don’t need to be manually scanned and attached to client files. QQ Catalyst integrates with the online version of QuickBooks, preventing the need for double entry of invoices, payables, and commissions. The system allows your employees the ability to keep track of their tasks and easily toggle between them without losing information or having to restart. Because QQ Catalyst streamlines many common processes, agencies can improve customer service, capture leads for new business, stay organized, and track profits.

Cut Costs and Maximize Agency Efficiency by Utilizing Insurance Process Outsourcing Services

Even if your agency is using an AMS such as QQ Catalyst, there are still a host of routine clerical tasks that must be completed on a daily basis. Most of these tasks do not involve interacting directly with customers but they can be time consuming. The concept of staff stratification is defined as delegating routine tasks to the least costly, qualified employee whenever possible. By delegating to an outsourced processor, agencies can realize significant cost savings. Freed from the responsibility of completing non-customer facing tasks, skilled, higher-earning employees can focus on activities that produce income and build strong customer relationships.
Greater operational efficiency can be achieved by partnering with an outsourcing service that has employees familiar with your agency’s AMS. Insuserve-1 has processors experienced with using QQCatalyst and many other AMS’s. Efficiency is also enhanced, because outsourced processors do not have the same competing demands on their time and attention that in-house agency employees do. Insuserve-1’s processors can focus on the specific tasks assigned by the agency, which allows them to work quickly and with a high degree of accuracy. The agency outlines their standards, policies, and procedures which are then followed by the processors, so consistency is maintained across your organization.

Dealing with Employee Turnover

Account manager and CSR “burn-out” are common in the industry and can contribute to workforce turnover. When an agency does lose an experienced CSR or account manager, it can interrupt normal operations creating service delays and backlogs. Because there are a number of AMS’s available in the marketplace, it may be challenging to hire new employees familiar with the AMS your agency uses. QQ Catalyst has a variety of training videos embedded in their system. However, there can still be lag time between when that employee starts and when they get up to speed on the AMS. Insuserve-1’s flexible service model means additional resources can be assigned to keep your business running smoothly.

Partner with an Insurance Processing Company that Takes Data Security as Seriously as You Do

Agencies need to feel certain their data is secure when they partner with an insurance process outsourcing company. Insuserve-1’s multi-layered, stringent security protocols meet the highest industry standards. Additionally, QQ Catalyst allows AMS administrators to limit user permissions so sensitive information cannot be accessed.

Take Your Agency to the Next Level with QQ Catalyst and Insuserve-1

Investing in a good AMS like QQ Catalyst can automate processes, make important data easily accessible, and create operational efficiencies. At the same time, partnering with Insuserve-1 can cut costs, lighten employee workload, and let you and your employees focus on the important things – growing and delivering a high-value experience to your customers.
Insu serve-1 is ready to design customized solutions for you. Reach out to us today.

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