We have learned in our previous article, how an effective BPO operation is dependent upon smooth and affordable communication procedures. However, it must be remembered here that it was not too long ago that we were charged for every single phone call that we made and international calls were the most expensive of the lot. In addition at that point in time a telephone was the only effective mode of communication which was derived off it digital avatar and could only help facilitate oral voice to voice communication unlike the highly featured Smartphones present these days.

Business Process Outsourcing was a distant dream for many initially and many thought that this would never find existence because it was considered an unrealistic approach for all except the bigger companies of the time. They had large volumes of work that needed to be processed and this was highly cost effective as they amassed huge revenue out of it. More so, the presence of a well distributed, highly educated and inexpensive work-force found presence in processing the back –office functions for these organizations. During the 1990’s there was a remarkable change that took the insurance industries by storm and this was the emergence of the three most lucid foundational technologies that would pave the way for the global evolution of communication systems across the globe and the way people communicated with each other and carried out their business operations.

These were:

  • Email
  • Broadband
  • Cellular

We shall discuss about each of these modes in details in our upcoming segment. These modes of communication being so efficient and effective and over the years becoming a low cost additive feature have assisted in making insurance process outsourcing one of the most feasible options for any size of business service providers.

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