Outsource Insurance Personal Lines or Commercial Lines – We Do It All

Insurance Outsourcing Services
Our dedicated professionals are experienced in processing tasks related to a wide variety of insurance business lines – from BOPs to Boatowners, Commercial Property to Homeowners, and Workers Compensation to Personal Auto. Whether you have processing needs in your Commercial Lines or Personal Lines Department, we are ready to assist you.

The back-office support requirements for Personal Lines and Commercial Lines are different, and we get that. Maybe one of your personal auto carriers is increasing rates dramatically and you need to remarket your clients’ policies as they renew. Our processors can prepare quotes in carrier websites or a comparative rater so your in-house staff can present your customers with options. Maybe your agency has numerous clients in the construction industry, and the volume of certificates is too much for your in-house team to handle. Our processors can relieve that burden, speed turnaround time, and help keep your customers happy. Whatever the need, we can design a workflow to address it.

Get to Know Your Team
When you partner with Insuserve-1 you receive personalized service from a resource person assigned to service just your account. That way you know who is processing the tasks you assign and that they are being handled in accordance with your policies and procedures. Our team becomes an extension of your team. We cross-train our employees, so if your resource person is on vacation, another team member, familiar with your account, is ready to step in.

Collaboration is Key
No two agencies are alike, so at Insuserve-1 we customize solutions to fit your agency’s needs. It’s a collaborative process that ensures you and your staff know what to expect and are comfortable with the workflows. Our management team is accessible and responsive so if you encounter a question or problem, we are always here to help.

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