Training young employees requires spending resources, like time and money. Apart from that certain additives as a good befits package as well as substantial pay along with a good job in a complex work environment is all they could dream of. However, in spite of this reports suggest that more than 40% of the employees in their late 20’s and early 30’s plan to look out for new opportunities. This demographic is largely suggestive of the millennial generation of employees who perceive that their employers’ goals mostly concentrate on the organizational themes of client satisfaction, profit generation and teambuilding.

Milennials look forward to achieving more than that, they are game for relationship-oriented values from the employer this comprises of work-home balance, respect, loyalty and most importantly employee recognition. Other requirements include career growth, easy to work environment that is fun, clarity of job roles and employee welfare. According to research, it is suggestive that some of the value focus amidst the employers and the millennial employees has adverse effects. The employee engagement and employee retention of the millennial generation happens to be one of the major reasons why millennials keep looking for new opportunities when they are unsatisfied with the present job values.

Enlisted below are some of the requirements of millennial employees:

  • Perks and benefits
  • Career growth and development opportunities.
  • Performance recognition
  • Flexible work environment
  • Open and expansive communication.
  • Strong management and leadership team
  • Stress free, Fun to work environment.

Although the above seem quite simple, yet they are difficult and complicated for absolute execution in an office environment. Survey reports are suggestive of the facts that millennial employees often expect to be appreciated for their efforts and feel empowered in the workplace. One of the ways for companies to enhance long-term retention is to offer a compelling work experience to the millennials that matches with their work values and expectations.

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