Employees are an integral component of an organization and are one of the major drivers of change. The employees of an organization are responsible for both the rise and decline of an organization. They are the major drivers of change in the way an organization operates. The caliber and efficiency of the employee determines his or her output and their individual contribution to the company. This contribution makes a majority of the revenue generated by the organization and helps it to stay ahead of its competitors in the industry. As such, it is essential to ensure that every single employee under the employer brand is performing enough to make a contribution, apart from ensuring sustainable development and finding more ways and means to enhance the contribution per employee.

Employees need to be monitored so that time resource is efficiently utilized and not wasted, as is usually the case among most employees when there is less work. This task of productivity during the working hours is often referred to as “zombie time”. Although it comprises of but is not limited to the workflow interruptions, the redundant activities, over qualified processing and over – production on accounts.

Making a distinction of good, healthy and productive hours that deliver value to the clients from the wasted time resources within the organization is of crucial significance as it helps to optimize the environment and create for productive hours in a day. This could be achieved by the following:

  • Standardization of the ad-hoc processes.
  • Segmentation of the accounts for the different service levels based upon the account value
  • Streamlining the workflow and eliminating the redundancies.
  • Sourcing the right processes and the right people into the organization.

Setting up a new production target and timeframe for the achievement of goals, calculating the contribution per employee, establishment of a new contribution target, providing incentives to the team efforts to reach new targets and analyzing the impact of the agency’s profitability are some of the measures to boost productivity.

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