The Impact of Employee Recognition and Criticism.

The Impact of Employee Recognition and Criticism

Employee recognition is a powerful strategy for any organization and hence it is imperative for any organization who wishes to grow and expand its business and enhance profitability to keep focused on its employees. This mutual relationship bears a long-term influence on the success of the business and essential to keep consistency in achieving the results with joint efforts.
An effort is a collective perseverance and hard work put together by an individual or a team as such acknowledging this hard work and bestowing praise especially in the presence of people and colleagues is one of the best motivating factors as well as morale boosters for employees.

Praising makes everyone feel good especially when the head of the institution or the boss takes time out to single out an employee or a team for a job that has been exceptionally done. This is a healthy practice for an organization. One could also proceed by conducting or scheduling meetings to offer more public recognition, for good work both in large and in small. Acknowledgement leads to the flow of new product ideas; this eventually marks commendations by customers for the good quality service offered to them via the employees. Praise and recognition makes everyone feel proud of themselves and makes them put forth their full potential in their work, most people whether they publicly admit or deny it but the fact of the matter is that they all appreciate recognition.

In a recent management research program it was discovered that out of 100 office workers 66 of them admitted to quitting on their work if they did not feel recognized or appreciated for the effort and work they put in. Likewise, nothing can be more demoralizing than being criticized by the boss in public glare. Not only does the employee feel humiliated and belittled but it also affects the performance and ultimately the outcome.

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