The insurance industry is notorious to be named as the dull, routine and boring work schedules. This also affects its acceptance as a career choice among the gen Z. one of the best ways in which this industry can be offered a face-lift is by adding value and creativity to the otherwise tense and strenuous work environment in this field. Placing fun filled tasks and responsibilities not only helps in making the workplace lively and joyful to work but also makes it a happy place to be each day.

One of the ways to make a work environment more productive is by reducing employee burn out. This can be achieved by allowing short breaks filled with some fun activities that helps rejuvenate the employees for better performance at work. One of the best examples in this regard is the practice adopted by Google Inc, where they offer their employees 20% of any given work day to do what they wish to do. This is because it realizes how persevering its employees are, as such the breaks are meant to enhance the employee productivity.

We shall be discussing many other benefits of inculcating a fun mode in the work environment in our next continuing segment of the article.

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