One of the significant advantages of a fun filled work environment is the boost it provides to employee retention in an insurance corporation. For many insurance organizations, employee retention is a grave challenge, particularly with the latest generation of employees, especially the Millennial who insist on job switch or job hop. i.e, they do not wish to stick to a position in one company for long and wish to explore other potential areas and strike success with a conquering zeal of performance-oriented output. They are persevering and a great asset to the organization.

One of the ways of attracting and retaining millennials at the firm is by understanding what inspires or motivates them. Studies suggest that Millenials value an organization’s culture more than salary and allowances. Hence, the presence of culture and fun in an organization is like having a differentiator that provides a competitive edge and enables the organization to nurture loyal and devoted employees.

The presence of a fun environment at work place also helps increase the job satisfaction of the employee and reflects in the better client servicing and satisfaction. The clients are able to recognize happy employees and value the brand employer as the employees are always ready to go the extra mile and put additional effort to help address and meet the needs of the customer.

Eventually a fun environment is also responsible for lowering the absentee rates of the employees. A disengaged employee takes more sick leaves, arrive late for work, move out early, miss the important dates and deadlines and is most likely to get customer complaints. On the contrary fun at workplace impacts in a vice versa format with none of the above to miss out from work.

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